Jul 032012

Increased capacity means decreased turn-around time, higher levels of customer service

Irvine, CA

Arbitech, the world’s leading independent distributor of data center products and solutions, has just released details on a significant addition to their operations. They recently completed construction on expansion of their configuration room, adding 750 square feet and increasing their bench space by 200%.

The new 2.000 square foot room allows Arbitech to double their output: Prior to the expansion, technicians could complete 150 server configurations a day; now they will be able to complete upwards of 300, or more, a day.

“The new space allows us to offer our current customers an even higher level of service,” Arbitech President Jim Binford said. “Whereas many of our large competitors will take up to two weeks to do a job, we can turn it around in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Because so many of our customers were taking advantage of the free configuration services we offer, we made the decision to expand our capabilities.“ Arbitech has seen an increase of 80% on orders requiring configuration since 2010.

Since 2001, Arbitech has earned a reputation for offering high quality and quick turn-around on a wide variety of services, including complete server, blade, storage and networking configuration. They also maintain an extensive global supply network, providing clients with a wide array of new products from leading manufacturers – even sourcing constrained and end-of-life products.

To learn more about Arbitech, please visit arbitech.com