Feb 112014

 “Arbitech distinguishes itself by handling complex configurations from the design phase through implementation. It’s an amazing value add that we offer at no additional charge on solutions we provide to our partners.” -Jeff Birrell, Technology Configuration Manager

Arbitech prides itself on being able to meet your comprehensive needs as well as those of your customers with a vast range of technical and engineering services that “go beyond the box.”  From pre-sales support to logistics, we seek to truly be a value add partner.  This also includes having direct, one-call access to a sales support engineer, and to a dedicated account team, to help answer questions and resolve issues.

Whether your customer needs a basic hardware configuration or a more complex installation, our configuration center has the fastest turnaround time in the industry.  Most projects are completed within two business days from receipt of the order.  A summary of our engineering service capabilities are as follows:

  • Capacity to build up to 2,500 fully configured units per month
  • Quality control – 14-point quality checklist for every system
  • Thorough product testing and diagnostics
  • DOA reduction through product testing
  • Direct access to your assigned technical team
  • Logistical support to optimize deliveries
  • Custom labeling and barcoding
  • Same-day custom shipping and packaging

Our aim is to make it easy for you to focus on your core business while we take care of the technical tasks such as troubleshooting newly configured hardware, determining compatibility and updating firmware.  We offer complete configuration services for server, blade, storage and networking products, performed by our highly qualified configuration engineers.

We believe that our service-oriented approach, coupled with our ability to offer you great deals on all of our stocked product lines, makes for a compelling reason to partner with our company for the long term.

Still not convinced? Try us, get your quote today.





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